2000XL1200Ltdneed help putting back the impeller spacer

So on the 2000 XL1200Ltd I bought a '99 jetpump housing on eBay, busted mine when I had to cut the impeller off piece by piece. Also got a rebuild bearing kit from SBT(see below). It includes 66V-R1348-10-00 spacer which is all metal.

66V-R1348-10-00(the one shown as right spacer between seals and impeller)

Problem is on my shaft the spacer that was on was a different one than Partzilla shows as reference.
62T-51348-00-00 rubber seal and inner metal spacer(what I had on)

I cannot use the 66V-R1348-10-00 because when I tighten it with the groove toward the jet pump bearings the impeller becomes tight and is hard to spin by hand, it is supposed to be spinning more freely.

If I install with the flat part toward the jet pump bearings and the grove toward the impeller it’s fine but I didn’t see it being installed that way anywhere.

I need help with this should I just buy the one that was there 62T-51348-00-00, or install the all metal one 66V-R1348-10-00 flat toward seals?