2003 supercharger on a 2006 interchangeability

I own a 2006 SeaDoo rxp and the supercharger is toast. Can I install a supercharger from a 2003 SeaDoo? What are the performance differences?
Thank you

As long as they have the same number of teeth on the gears, and the impellers look the same, you can swap them. If the housing ends part number ends in 53, you’ll need to shim it with a spacer.

I’d be caution about installing a used supercharger that you don’t know about. If it’s that old, it NEEDS to have been rebuilt to be reliable.

Of course, we do rebuilds: https://www.pwcmuscle.com/seadoo-supercharger-rebuild-service.html

The one from the 2006 has 17 teeth and the one from the 2003 has 16 teeth. The one from the 2003 the numbers on the housing ends in 63 one one half and 51 on the other half. If I had it rebuilt by you, can the 2003 be rebuilt to fit on the 2006 engine?
Thanks for your help.

OK, so the 17 teeth are from a 185. Yes, it can be rebuilt to use the 16 tooth gear. It’ll also come with spacers to make sure the offset is proper when remounting (you’ll understand when you get it back).

Just order a 215 rebuild and make sure to write on your receipt to rebuild with 16 tooth gear and that it’s a supercharger swap.

The only difference between the superchargers is that gear (and spacing), so it’ll work great

Did you get my last reply. I need to know how to order as you suggested and what the price will be. What is the receipt

I didn’t see one come through?

Just order on the website, and print out the receipt. On the receipt, hand write that you bought the 185 supercharger but it is going in a 215 engine and to use the 1102 rebuild kit.

That’s all you need…we take it from there.