2005 RXP SC bearing failure help...upgrade?

Just bought ski, then SC ball bearings failed. Was rebuilt 2008 with updated parts, invoice says metal discs and ceramic ball bearings. 40 hrs since rebuild, but a lot of years…Doesn’t appear to be anything left to salvage except shaft assem. Thinking about upgrading to the Xcharger & injectors. Tearing the engine down for clean up now.
Do the new SC’s have ceramic ball bearings too? Looks like the bearing cage failed, is that an issue? How do these bearings get lubrication, as the hole in the shaft only appears to lube the gear needles?
How much extra punch can be expected by just upgrading to the Xsc and injectors? Anyone have any experience or comparison to original stock performance?

The only thing ever ceramic were the old style clutch washers, which are no longer used in new rebuild kits or assemblies. The ball bearings are, and always have been, steel, so nothing to worry about there.

The bearings get essentially splash lubrication, which is why they need so frequent rebuilds. The X charger will certainly give you more top end power that will be noticeable. Add an external intercooler and a tune and it’ll be a completely new ski.

Thanks for the reply Joe…interestingly, the invoice does say “ceramic ball bearings” and the balls are ceramic with no real damage. However, they did eat up the races after the cage failed and the balls made contact with each other…i.e skidding against each other. Only one was ejected into the pto case (and found…).
They were installed by Jerry Gaddis / pwcpreformancestore. Just wondering if they were a good thing or not???
Can’t afford the intercooler or tune right now, but thought this would be a good place to start!!!

OK, he must have put something aftermarket in there. Aftermarket parts are known to fail, unfortunately.

Yes, where you are headed would be a great place to start for sure. Gives you room for future upgrades