2006 Honda Aquatrax F12X Turbo ECM Trouble Shooting

Wanted to get help and then help those going forward with my problem. My PWC seems to be running in limp mode but the ECM isn’t throwing any codes when I hold the Mode & Set buttons down? Am I not checking codes correctly? I’m not close to a dealer and don’t want to make a trip if I can pin point myself and possible order what I need. Before I just spend the $500 plus to replace the ECM due to it potentially being faulty… should I attempt to reset it? Not sure what that does to the unit or if it helps at all??? The intake and shaft have nothing sucked up into it. TYVM for any help you experts may have. - JP

I also should mention that I haven’t spun the turbo to see if it isn’t bound up, will be checking that too.

look here how to check for errors


not the news I wanted to get… there are no codes being thrown when I check… ugh. Hoping it isnt a faulty ecm.

I have the same problem. Runs great for 1 hour then codes. I replaced anti knock, oil pressure and temp sensors. Still has problem. There’s a guy in Florida reprograms the Ecm gotta try it. Has anyone ever used Gen Tune with success?

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i am doing it successfully :slight_smile:
write me email - stanislavovandrey@gmail.com

what do you charge for the repair of a turbo 2005 computer with the 25 code and where are you located