2006 rxt 215 won't pass 35 mph

seadoo won’t go pass 35 40 at first it would not go to 30mph but changed the plugs it sounds better and went to 40mph but stays there I checked the supercharger it turns very little but with a lil force I also checked the air filter and it had some metal or aluminum shavings In. The grooves …where should I go from. Here

Blown supercharger, just had de same happend to me. Must take enigne apart han flush it, both oil pumps must be checked. Sad to say but can be facing an engine rebuild due to the washers are made from ceramic bits of them get stuck around inside the engine.

It was due to zero compression in middle head getting rebulid now 1800$ 1000$ in parts

Doing a SC rebuild at the same time just to be sure?