2007 Sea Doo Challenger 180

I realize this isn’t a PWC, but it is the 215hp supercharged 4tec. I just inherited the boat and have been doing a lot of ready. It was in great shape when it ran last, but that was in 2015. I want to have the supercharger rebuilt before I take the boat on the water. I figured I would drain and replace the fuel, add some fuel system cleaner, and get the motor up to temp on a hose.

It was not winterized before it sat.

A couple of questions:

  1. can pwcmuscle rebuild this supercharger the same way as any of the pwc 215hp models?
  2. I’ve head the intercooler is what freezes and breaks typically on these motors. How to I pressure test the intercooler? Is it just a matter of running the motor (so there’s positive pressure in the intercooler) and spraying intercooler with soapy water and looking for bubbles?