2008 RXT SC questions


I have a couple of questions.

  1. Can one purchase just the 16 tooth SC gear, or is the only way to get that to buy the whole rebuild kit?
  2. If I were to bring my ski w/supercharger already removed, can you rebuild it, and re-install it?
    2a) If yes, how much would that service be?

Detailed info driving the above questions:
I had a freelancer come and rebuild my SC (2008 Seadoo RXT 215), However I suspect he may have used a 17 tooth rebuild kit instead of a 16 tooth one (based on the invoice). When I took out for the first time afterwards, the ski would only go about 45 at 6500. I checked hoses to ensure they were in place, and also check the SC impeller and found it spun freely, like a top. I almost have the SC re-removed now, just need to move the water box (I think) out of the way… once I have it out, I’ll be able to tell if anything broke or is missing (theoretically). I’m hoping that the wrong gear is the simple culprit and replacing it should fix the issue (assuming nothing broke)…but that may be overly optimistic of me. Any thoughts on my questions or any other input pertinent based on this info?


OK, so I finally got the SC out, and it looks as though it was a 16 tooth gear, not a 17 tooth gear as listed on the invoice. I’'m still left with the issue of it freely spinning when installed, and not actually working when running…thoughts?


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So the teeth are correct as you noticed. That looks like an aftermarket rebuild kit. The gear shoouldn’t free spin on the back. It looks like the slip isn’t set properly.

We can do the reinstall…things are slowing down a bit and we can schedule the time. Going to send you a PM so we can work out the details and get accurate pricing.