2008 Sea Doo GTX 215 Supercharger Rebuild and Mods

Hello Everyone - I just purchased my first ski which is a 2008 Sea Doo GTX 215 with 80 hours. I don’t have much history on it but the exterior is in excellent condition and the engine looks clean as well. Took it out once and it hit 60 pretty easily and seemed like hit could go higher. Is there a way to tell if the supercharger has ever been rebuilt without me needing to remove it? I am thinking of just spending the $435 and sending it in to have PWC Muscle rebuild it. Does anyone know if they do it for this model and year? Also, I’m interested in purchasing the RIVA power filter kit (Product #: RS13050-06) for some added performance. Do you know if this requires me to do any additional mods in order to function properly or is it ok to do this solo? I read somewhere that impeller needs to be tilted or moved. Anything else I should watch out for or ensure that I do maintenance wise?

Thanks all.

Hey Chris, congrats on your purchase. Yes, we rebuild this model. There is no real way to tell of its been done without removing it, but its always a good idea to reset the maintenance schedule on a new acquisition so you know for sure the status of everything.

Only other thing to really check is the jet pump (grease, bearings, impeller and wear ring).

You can run that filter without additional mods. Of course more help, but you’ll be fine without them for just that filter.