2009 RXPX 255 Fizzle/Riva Intercooler upgrade

Hey guys, Chris here with an '09 RXPX 255. I have a leaking stock intercooler that I have out and about to replace. Looking at options on what to go with. Considering the Riva Racing intercooler or the Fizzle Gen X. I like the Fizzle and it looks like it comes with all the hardware needed for the install to the OEM fitment location. Can someone tell me if the installation kit comes with the block off plug for the pisser hose as well as what is the correct drainage procedure for the Fizzle? I dont use my ski much and it sits a lot…I always run fuel treatment but I think the reason my stock IC blew was because of sitting with water in it all the time. Ski is ONLY run in fresh water. Once I spend the money on a new IC, I want to make sure if it is going to sit for 3-5 weeks or months in the winter, that I know exactly what Fizzle recommends as the drain procedure? Any thoughts on the Riva Racing IC for this ski? Thanks!!!


All the upgrade kits will need you to re locate the cooler for much better performance, Fizzle would alow you to retain the opas with just the ad of free flow exhaust pipe, with Riva you will end up with a more expensive upgrade due the rear exhaust and opas block off you need to install it, you will also need the Bov or bov block off plate.

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