2014 FX SVHO removing impeller from shaft

I was inspired by your video of installing a solas impeller. I proceeded to do it myself on my 2014 FX SVHO. I am at the stage of removing the impeller from the shaft. We heated it added a pipe for extra leverage over the wrench. No luck breaking it free. It had a rock that stopped the impeller completely. I am thinking that it titled it tight. Any suggestions?

More toque…loads more torque.

Do the heat to just the impelled as well. Worse case, bring to a local dealer to just break it free.

Thanks Joe, I finally cracked it free. Its all torque… I was heating the wrong spot anyway. I had to have my brother stand on the workbench so that I could get more torque with the pipe I had over the 1 1/16. It was lifting the workbench up prior. I need an impeller now, I had a 13/18 solas on order through inland jet prior to discovering your site. I just cancelled it today, it said on my order 3-5 days shipping. I ordered June 3 and it wasn’t even shipped yet. Do you price match? I need it before next Wednesday for a trip up north. In Michigan it is a short season, inland jet didn’t really care about that.


Yeah, scary the amount of force needed to break it free the first time. Put plenty of antiseize on there. There are other tricks too, but just antiseize has worked well for us.

We certainly match advertised prices! Just shoot me a link to their out the door pricing and we got you covered.

I sent the email link to the admin@pwcextreme.com email address.

Message me direct…I’m mobile so it is hard to get to that email since it is really only used for automation on the site.