2016 GTR 215 super charger removal

I’ve got about 109 hours on my PWC GTR 215 and I’m thinking I should rebuild the supercharger and looking to use PWC muscles rebuild service but, I can’t find any videos for it, for other models but not the gtr 215. We bought it with 80 on it, and have put 29 hours on it. I did a oil change at end of season and had it winterized. Everything seems okay but noticing that it doesn’t quite have the same throw you off the thing feeling when you pull full throttle in sport mode, I’m guessing this means the clutch is starting to slip. Anyways help removing would be appreciated. I’m pretty mechanical just looking for a video to do it.

Hey Ntech,
It’s basically the same process as any other. You disconnect the jpipe from the exhaust, unstrap the waterbox and move the whole exhaust system back a few inches. Then disconnect the pipes from the supercharger and remove the 3 mounting bolts.

If you’re mechanical, it’s really not too bad.

Sorry we don’t have a video!