2016 Spark taking on water

We bought a Sea Doo from a dealer and after 2 weeks it was back at the dealer. They had it over a year and couldn’t figure out the problem so I demanded a replacement that worked! We came home (in November) with a 2016 Sea Doo Spark 900. POS! From day 1 it has been taking on water. I have rebuilt several Jet Skis, but am not that familiar with Sea Doo. I first checked the plug, nothing. Then body damage? Nothing. Then the siphon thing that sucks the water out while under way, nothing! It only seems to take on water while sitting in our slip (not while being ridden) but how can I tell if the siphon works correctly. I brought it home and watched your video on how to remove the top hoping to see something!! Nothing! I filled the hull with 4-6 inches of water to see if I could see it pouring out, nothing! I can drain it completely with our power pump and by morning there is 5 gallons back in it! AHHHHHH We bought the Sea Doo for our new adopted daughter who is SO excited and I feel like crap that the first one was a POS and now this one has problems too!!! The dealer sent home the original owners info and maintenance info which showed that it was brought in for taking on water in 2016 when it was brand new. The mechanic wrote “lose bolt” on the service order and then wrote “corrected”. Thats all I got!! I also hooked the hose to the back while on the trailer and ran water through it to see if I could see water coming out anywhere but Nothing! I did this while it was off though, not running. HELP

So do you leave it in the water when not in use? It’s the shaft seal. You aren’t suppose to leave them in the water. Dealer should have told you this or known that was the issue though

Take the top off & set it back in the water, you could build your own water box out of a few 2x10’s, line the inside with 6 mill plastic & set it in. These machines are so light ( especially with the top off ) 3 people could pick it up & set it inside the water box you made. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but with the top off & sitting in water it would be very easy to watch it & see where the water is coming in.