2016 Yamaha Fx cr svho top speed

Hoping for just a little more top speed in mild-moderate chop - any suggestions
Current mod Maptunerx 8300 RPM (only hits 8150) -Ribbon delete cooling upgrade solas 13-20 and 2 degree wedge
Would like to buy a modified ride plate to put on don’t want to remove it and send it to be modified at this point in the year short season where I’m located .

Just want a little bit more TopSpeed

What is your speed now with the current mods. 74?? Yes ride plate mod will be best bang for buck. +2 mph. Just an fyi. That pump wedge is not doing you any favors in any type of chop conditions!!

Thanks for your message 76.5 mph gps top speed on near glass first run when engine isn’t hot after riding a little top speed is 74.5 - hoping to crack 80 also have a 2016 Fx cr HO it was only hitting 58-59 stock compared to my old one (2009 with same motor) was 61-62 - did a Ribbon delete air filter and wedge on that top speed 60.5 just wanted to get it to 62 like my old one I’m guessing a ride plate will plus 2 mph on that also? What do you think ?

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76.5 mph. Peak speed is pretty impressive for only turning 8150rpm. Usually takes 8250-8350 rpm on the fx hull to reach that. I suggest buy a cheap used plate on fleabay and send to jim …his plates are amazing and should net you 2mph. And may want to take your tune up to 85-8600. Those motors will spin there happily all day wit stock valvtrain. Also you have no headroom for mods. Your approaching your limiter the way it sits

Agreed on the 16 fx ho. Should be hitting low 60’s with ease. First thing i would start lookin at on that is the impeller for nicks/flaws. They will Cost you several mph. Also often overlooked is oil overfill(see it all the time) that will shave off hp and mph