2018 seadoo wake pro 230 question!


looking for engine breather filter for the ski. tuff finding it is the same as gtx ? and possibly upgraded air filter


Have you tried going to your local Sports store for Cars as they sell a plethora of all types of Stainless steel mesh filters or Fibre filters and I am sure there will be one that will fit as it only needs to have the same size as your tubing ?
I found 5 nice ones at my local Performance place and it was a quarter the price of one supposedly made for a Jet Ski, it looked exactly the same as the one a friend bought online for his Yamaha that cost him near $100.
You can also use that computer you typed this question on to Google or Ebay breather filters stainless steel or if you prefer one that has a little paper cartridge :).
Size doesn’t matter to much as long as it fits in neatly under the hood ;).
Also I would go do a few days brush up on English at my nearest school as that sentence structure really gave no idea what it was that you wanted, not sure if you knew the GTX was the same or asking if it was the same ? Try Google translate if English isn’t your first language as it works pretty good these days as it translates my Dutch to English perfectly , with not one spelling or grammatical error.
Cheers and you own a Seadoo lol