2018 trixx performance boost


Hey I’m looking to upgrade my trixx speed/ torque wise. I don’t want to void warranty and keeping it under $500 would be ideal any ideas on what would be best?


It responds well to impellers and tunes. Impeller is your best bet if you don’t want to do a tune due to expense/warranty.



Is the 12/17 the best way to go? I’ve read lots that 12/14 is the best but that’s with a tune but ya I don’t want to void warranty. And will it increase the fun with the trim settings or make it worse?


12/14 if you tune it. 12/17 if you stay at 90hp. :slight_smile:


And would the 12/17 have any affects mechanically on the machine? Like make the wear ring go faster or anything else?


I got a tune (wont say where) and going to try that before i put my impeller then exhaust on. Im right about $500 for all. I’ll update you.


Not really. Wear ring is a wear item and needs to be replaced accordingly…how often is mostly determined by how and where you ride.