2020 RXP performance issue

I’m really pulling my hair out over this issue and I’m hoping some of the experts on this forum could weigh in. I recently picked up a 2020 Sea Doo RXP 300 with about 25 hours on it in essentially new condition. The only mods are a Riva catch can and SCOM (also has new oem impeller and wear ring).

While the ski is quick it’s not as fast as it should be. The best 0-60 I get is in the mid 5 seconds while everyone else is in the low 4s or even high 3s. Also, it’s only maxing out at 71 mph and has trouble reving to 7700/7800 rpm when max hp is achieved at 8k.

First thing I checked was the oil and found it was over a quart overfilled. After getting the oil filled correctly still no difference. Next I pulled the intercooler thinking the excess oil got in there but it is completely clean, like new. Next I replaced the plugs and just tested it this evening and it’s still pulling 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

What else should I be looking at? It’s essentially a brand new ski so I don’t understand why it’s not performing at 100%. Thanks in advance!

2020! So much variance in performance in 2020 models ! All over the hp range ! Could be just a bad tune in your computer that starts retarding your timing way before its supposed to … never know !

That’s sad to hear. Would BRP fix this under warranty? Right now my stock RXT 260 AS (Suspension - 1000 lb beast) accelerates to 60 mph just as quickly as my lightly modded RXP 300 (0-60 roughly 5.5 seconds). Something is wrong here…

So … as im re-reading this … your main worry is your 0-60 … cause i can see your catchin 72 at 7800 … 72 is over the gps lock so your scom box is doin its job … cause you should technically be locked at 67-68 … thats where your timing start to retard (thats how they control the top speed in ecu ) i dont think youll wver reach 8100rpm without a tune cause your already catching more then max speed at 7800rpm … sooo that being said , your 0-60 … from your top speed i can see your doin fine but your 0-60 seams low to you … it could be you have a higher pitch impeller in your seadoo … Your take off power is mostly impeller … id probably try to repitch one less degree on the whole spectrum and youd probably gain 200 rpm right there and then a better launch … but might hurt your top speed … might not … it all depends on the seadoo etc … anotheer thing too you could fill your ride plate holes … that helps a little on top end …

And your “new oem impeller “ could be one degree off or from another model bht same mm size etc … i dunno id say impeller wojld be your hurting point …

Thanks for your input! I’ll definitely check the impeller pitch.

Regardless, my main issue at this point is that my older, much heaver, stock RXT 260 accelerates just as quickly as the RXP 300. This, I feel is a clear indicator that something is hurting performance a little.