2020 Yamaha Waverunner Model Lineup

Presenting the 2020 Yamaha Waverunner Lineup:

Every year, near the end of summer, we get to look forward to the announcement of the newest models to debut for next year. Now, “next year” is a relative term as you can usually get them in late fall or early winter, but nonetheless we get to peek at the latest and greatest announcements from our favorite manufacturers.

Las year saw the release of the hugely successful new 2019 Yamaha FX. A few years prior, Yamaha released the GP1800. While brand new models only come every few years, there is still excitement to be found in the 2020 lineup from Yamaha, including new accessories, colors, and a new jet boat offering

Since we are mostly watercraft oriented, I’ll touch quickly on the new 2020 195S and 195 FSH boat by Yamaha. The FSH is center console, while the S is right steering. Both use the 1.8 SVHO engine, and have a brand new hull designed to reduce bow rise under acceleration and cut better through choppy waters. For more details you can check out our link in the description.

Back to Skis and accessories. A big improvement this year is an area I found lacking with the new 2019 FX, which is an upgraded Speaker Package. These speakers are custom designed to integrate with your FX, yet be removable for use away from the ski. They are IP67 waterproof, shock resistant and floating. They feature 15+ hours of playtime and stream bluetooth up to 100 feet away. They include a 30W 4” woofer and separate tweeters for a more dynamic sound.


The FX Audio package is $399.

There is another system available for the VX/EX models as well, and while it isn’t nearly as slick as the FX option, it still offers the ability to enjoy your tunes on the go.

Yamaha has also released additional storage options for the VX and EX platforms as part of their new accessories.

For the models themselves, we have some slight nomenclature changes, but most things are staying the same while offering different flavors of your favorite models, including one I can’t wait to see in person which we’ll show a little later.

For nomenclature change, the VXR is now rebranded as the GP1800R HO. This comes as little surprise as Yamaha looks to expand sales by leaning on the success of the GP1800R name. So for all you diehards that refused to call it the GP1800 in favor of the VXR SVHO name, looks like you’re out of luck for for furthering your cause.

In terms of internal changes between the models, there will certainly be some small updates here and there, but we have yet to tear anything new apart to disect exactly what specific changes have been made.

Now onto the different flavors.

Starting in the EX series, we now have the EX, EX Sport, EX Deluxe, and EXR models. The main difference starts with the Deluxe with the Ride control system, and the EXR gets a 10% horsepower boost and pump extension.

Next is the VX Series, with the base VX, VX-C, VX DX, VX Cruiser, VX Limited and finally the VX CR HO. The VX-C is a rental model, stripped of riDE and reboarding step. The Deluxe and Cruiser models add features to the base, but it isn’t until you step into the higher models do you get upgraded from the TR-1 found in the EX to the 1800 found in the higher end models.

As previously mentioned, the GP1800R name gets 2 models, HO and SVHO. The new Yellow and Black HO model looks very sharp, and the Red White and mostly Blue SVHO looks menacingly similar to the original 2017 Riva GP1800R which featured orange instead of red.

Finally we look at the 2020 FX line. There are 5 offerings and 2 engines. First, the FX HO and FX Cruiser HO. Options separate these models, but both come with the 1.8L naturally aspirated 4 cyl engine. The FX SVHO, FX Cruiser SVHO and top of the line FX SVHO Limited all share the same supercharged and intercooled 1.8L 4 cyl engine. The Limited is king of all with all the bells and whistles, but the FX SVHO is especially eye catching with a stealth, all blacked out look. Now the Limited adds some very sharp blue highlights to this look, but as of now I think these two are by far the best looking in the lineup.

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What do you all think of the new colors, and the new naming of the VXR to the GP1800?

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