215hp raw water routing

im curious if someone can confirm the raw water routing for me on a 215HP SC-IC model. Thank you in advance

The raw water comes into the hull (fed by the pump/impeller)

  1. through a 3/4" hose with a green stripe on the side that also has a red mark where it should be pinched off using a tool (but deep in the hull and hard to get to).
  2. From there it goes into the Intercooler (top location)
  3. then out of the intercooler (bottom location)
  4. into the front of the exhaust manifold where it goes through the manifold water jacket
  5. into 2 rubber tubes that go from the manifold water jacket to the exhaust pipe. 1 above and 1 below. This is the step that the water first meetings the exhaust gases
    5a) the water that is now inside the exhaust pipe flows out with the exhaust gases through the water box and other things to exit the ski
    5b) There is a T-fitting off the bottom rubber tube that joined the manifold water jacket to the exhaust pipe (going around the vband connection that joins the exhaust pipe to the manifold). The rubber hose off the bottom of this T-fitting goes under the engine and is hooked to the hull right underneath the steering cable pass through (dont know what that connects to from there)
  6. concludes the raw water flow path.

Please correct me where i missed a junction or anything. especially any junction before the IC inlet. I will edit this afterward to make the changes for future readers to see more easily.

i have 2 skis (2004 RXP & 2006 RXT) im trying to install a ball valve shutoff for the purpose of towing only. my preferred location would be near the front of the motor before the Intercooler inlet. I understand there is risk involved with leaving the valve closed and running the engine but i take care of my stuff and will ensure its always open unless being towed. I want to make it easy for anyone riding it that if something goes wrong there is no added stress in the situation. pop seat off, close valve, hookup rope and tow back to ramp, put on trailer, open ball valve and start investigating issue.