Advice needed - SVHO or gp1800

Hey folks,

I’m looking to purchase a brand new gp1800 or SVHO.
The price difference between the 2018 and 2019 models is close to $4,000 (clearance stock of 2018).

I’m based in Auckland NZ and will mostly be riding ocean, exploring the city coast and many islands. I was thinking the SVHO would be a better choice over the gp1800 for this sort of use?

If I decide on the SVHO, are the 2019 upgrades over the 2018 model SVHO worth the price gap?

Any advice is much appreciated!

By SVHO, I assume you mean FX SVHO. The GP1800 is technically an SVHO as that references the engine.

If you’re in open water, the FX will certainly treat you better. It’s a fast platform, too. A lot of the P1X guys are running it.

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Yeah the FX mb! :slight_smile:
I was inspired to favor the model after seeing Mike Klippenstein’s boat and others also agreeing the FX platform would be better in open water. Now I’m trying to gather if the price between the 2019 and 2018 model FXSVHO is worth the $4,000 difference, especially considering the hull redesign…


I would go the FX as the three seat ability and more stability is great for fishing and cruising as well as towing Skiers and tubes.
I have an old 2008 FX-SHO that still runs like the day I got it :slight_smile: and I do a lot of towing of Skiers and Tubes, it’s a great family fun machine and great for my Son and I to go out Fishing as well