BOV....tap into map line or not

Have a BOV that someone gave me when they sold their ski Can I tap into the MAP line or do I have to drill abd tap the manifold.

Rather not take apart a brand new ski

Want whats best though and new to all the 4 stroke skis


I have a 2016 Fx Cruiser SVHO when I bought it with 10 hours on it it had a bov connected with a T valve and not drilled into the manifold-and everything worked fine at 91 hours I did a maptuner x Reflash and within 20 minutes the supercharger burnt out when I replaced the supercharger clutch I drilled the manifold and inserted the POV vacuum line correctly not sure if that helps-when I talk to technicians at Riva and DEans they both said you shouldn’t leave the POV connected that way but I didn’t have any problems for 81 hours