CanDooPro Home and Unlimited Support Thread

CanDoo Professional is a powerful diagnostic tool developed for Sea Doo Personal Watercraft. It provides the user the capability to properly diagnose and repair your watercraft.

Basic Feature list:
• Program Keys / Lanyards (Learning, Rental, Normal)
• Change Owner Information and Purchase Date
• Reset TPS to zero position
• Read Fault Codes along with fault data, and reset faults
• Reset Maintenance Light
• Reset Supercharger Light
• Reset Service Hours
• Reset Service Rental Hours
• Set Ignition Correction and Curves (2-stroke only)
• Real Time Engine Monitor
• Marry Clusters to ECU’s
• Last 30 or 60 Sec history
• Activate fuel pump, Spark Plugs, Buzzer, etc.
• Key Tester

(note; features vary by model of ski)

Candoopro is available in two versions, both versions have the same set of features:
• The Home/Limited version allows the home/individual to diagnose and repair his personal skis. It is restricted to use on up to 4 different skis. (Additional VIN licenses are available for purchase, up to 15 total) The pricing on the Home version is $399. The home version can be upgraded to the full Shop/Unlimited version at any time for a fee of $1,400. (purchase of VIN licenses do not count towards Shop upgrade)

• The Shop/Unlimited version allows the repair shop, rental fleet, riding group, or race tuner to diagnose and repair an unlimited number of skis. The pricing for the Shop version is $1,749.

Systems come with one year warranty and one year of free software updates. After one year, an additional year of free software updates and hardware maintenance is $139 for the home version, $169 for the shop version. (System will continue to function if you choose to not receive software updates after one year)
Systems are in stock and drop shipped direct from manufacture, $40 shipping for international destinations.

Price List:
Candoopro Home/Limited version system - $399
Candoopro Shop/Unlimited version system - $1,749
12 months additional hardware warranty/free software updates Home version - $39
12 months additional hardware warranty/free software updates Shop version - $169 (Contact Us For Purchase)
One additional VIN license for Home version - $99 (Contact Us For Purchase)
Two additional VIN licenses for Home version - $149 (Contact Us For Purchase)
Five additional VIN licenses for Home version - $249 (Contact Us For Purchase)
Upgrade Home version to Shop Version - $1,400 (Contact Us For Purchase)

Works on
Sea-Doo JetSki’s 1996 to 2017
Sea-Doo Boats up to 2013
Sea-Doo 1503 Engine Packs up to 2017 (Such as Scarab JetBoats)
Ski-Doo - up to 2017 (Note: Required Cables sold sepertly!)
CanAm (ATV & Side-By-Side) - up to 2017

CANDooPro Diagnotic Box
9Pin to 6Pin Adapter
Dess Post Adapter
USB Cable
Software Download

Software Updates
Automatic Software and Flash Updates

Limited to 4 Vin numbers out of the box.
Additional Vin’s can be purchased (up to 15).
Can be Upgraded to Unlimited.

Annual Maintenance
First Year Maintenance Included

Minimum System Requirements
2 Ghz or Faster Processor
2 GB Ram
800x600 Resolution
USB ver2.0
.NET 3.5 SP1
Windows XP, Vista Windows 7, Windows 8 (Windows RT is not supported),Windows 10
Internet Connection (for updates and installation)

Hi a question about candoopro home edition
For $399 does that include all cables for a Seadoo spark
I see options for other cables Dess I assume only need that if you programmed keys

Thanks in advance
Regards Adrian

Yes I’ve seen the candoopro listing
Question is for $399
Does it come with all the cables to connect to Seadoo to read clear codes monitor ect

Yes, it will include everything you need for the SeaDoo Spark