Cavitation in 185 after impeller swap


Just installed new solas impeller. The ski takes off good then cavitates for a couple seconds before taking off again. Sc was rebuilt last year. Any idea why?

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Hey Kitat,
I split this into a new discussion from the Impeller Selection topic. First things first, how is your wear ring? What is the current clearance?


I also installed a new wear ring. It did slide down into the jetpump housing very easy. I didn’t need to tap it in at all, but the clearance with the impeller seemed correct.


The wear ring I used was from my other ski. This ski is a 2004 gtx SC. The other is a 2005 gtx wake. Would it be the same size ring. I thought it was but maybe that’s the problem.


No, those should be the same wear ring. Here are their part diagrams to show it:

I’d say try a brand new wear ring though, as this certainly could be the issue. Some times the clearances can look good from the rear, but towards the front they are out of spec.


I just took it out and noticed a ton of water in the hull. It’s coming from the carbon seal area. I had the driveshaft replaced and used old carbon seal. Could that cause power loss?


The extra friction could do it, get that fixed and see what happens


Fixed the leak with new carbon ring. Rode fir awhile and the spline on the driveshaft and impellar stripped again! For the third time. I’m out of ideas. Have no idea why it did it again. I have poured s ton of money into this ski and back to square one. Destroyed the third driveshaft,prop,and carbon seal. Engine has been aligned also. Any help?


Usually that’s engine alignment for stripping the drive shaft. 100% it is properly aligned? I’d also recommend posting this issue on to get some additional responses from more members.