Change intercooler


Hi guys, someone know if the intercooler on fzr 2016 is the same of fzr 2009? Beacause i would change my intercooler on fzr 2009 with fzr 2016. Can i have improved if i do that? Thank you for your answer.


You will be doing an improvement if you do this and the intercooler is slightly different.You could change the strainer at the pump that will helped to but if you don t have any mods I don t think that s worth.


If you think that you will be doing it you need to removed the intake do as well your ribbon delete on your intake.Then with all this will improved it for sure.


Hi jean. Thank you for your answer. I have already removed the ribbon on intake. Now I have power filter riva, and I would like to do any mods, such as blow off valve and exhaust complete. With this mods, you think that if I upgarde with the intercooler of fzr 2016, I have any improve on my fzr?


The intercooler of the fzr is supposed to be better then the sho so you will have a slight improvment because the air intake will be cooler and should give you some extra horsepower.Should give you better mid range and top end…But if you really have a huge improvment then get an ecu from dean s team and with the new intercooler it will make a huge difference.


Hi jean, you suggest itercooler gen II and dean’s ecu? This method give on my fzr more horsepower and power.
I understeand good?


Definitely but so far the big bang for the bucks is ecu and prop.