Compresor GTR 215 a 255 with compresor X-charguer and injectors 42 lb.?

Hello good day. My name is Carlos and I am writing from Spain. I own a sea doo GTR of 2016 which I give a recreational use, but I would like to have a little more acceleration, I would like it to be similar to a rxt -x 255 for example … looking for information on the internet and youtube I discovered you and look for information with your videos and web. I soon realized that you have an X-charger kit + bosch injectors 42 lb. I would appreciate if you clarify some doubts about this kit, and if the time comes I see it clearly I will buy one.
1- kit x charguer + injectors 42 lb. can you mount it to my gtr 215 only with the serial intercooled?
2 - would approach the power and acceleration of my bike with the rxt-x 255?
3- just changing the charger x and injectors and approaches the performance of the 255? I have to change propeller?
4- If I have to change the helix, could you provide me with the most suitable one? I’m interested in the same speed now (109 klmh of gps) but if I would like more acceleration and thrust … like the rxtx

5- Finally, this kit is original rotax? Is it the same supercharger that rxtx 255 uses?
Does the 215 gtr lose reliability by mounting this kit?

I thank you very much for your time and clarifications … but before ordering it I want to clarify the previous doubts. a greeting from Spain

Hey Carlos,
First, you won’t need new injectors. The XCharger is the same Rotax unit from the 255/260s engines. I would also highly recommend getting the Fizzle Intercooler, a tune, and pump impeller. This will put you just above 260 hp, and it will be reliable. It’s all available in this kit:


thanks for answering.

but my seadoo gtr is the 215 hp engine … not the 255 hp, and the 215 does not have the same injectors as the 255-260 engine, so I think I would also have to put my gtr the bosch 42 injectors lb. offered with the x charguer kit … am I wrong?

If you buy the kit with 255 supercharger and fuel injectors you will be able to install the new ones fuel injectors on your existing fuel rail . But the intercooler is a must . Also you might want to repitch your impeller . And you should get a rising rate fuel pressure regulator . I recommend a fizzle intercooler and a riva rrfpr. I have that setup on my Rxp 215 and it flys . Right now I am trying to get extra cash for a tune .

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Hey Carlos. The kit he linked is for the 215 GTR. Your model came with 48lb injectors. You don’t need the 42s. That kit will give you everything you need!



okay ! Now I will understand thanks to your explanations. My gtr 215 of the year 2016 brings the 48 lb. injectors, so if I put the kit X -charger + intercooler fizzle + SRZ 13-18 impeller will have the same power, acceleration and speed as a rxpx 255 for example ?
the correct impeller for my gtr 215 is 13-18 or is it another code? Thank you very much for your clarifications. Before ordering PWC the kit, I want to inform me well. Thank you