Does Anyone have a supercharger E8 Wrench - Central NJ


I am currently in a bit of time pinch to get my super charger off my 180 Challenger. All of my E8 wrenches do not fit between the bolt and the case. Is there anyone in the Ewing/Bordentown/Longhorn/Jersey Shore areas with this speciality tool or an E8 that fits the bolt between the super charger and the case? I have another one in the mail but I need to get this super charger off before the end of the week. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Try a box wrench

I tried an 8mm last nighT - too big. I will try to get a 7mm to see if that works. Thanks for the reply.

Also try standard sizes

I found an E8 ratcheting wrench at my local Ace Hardware, best way I have found yet to get that out.

Tried the standard box wrench tonight. 1/4” fit The best. However the bolt is pretty snug, and it started to strip. Waiting on the correct tool before I damage it. Hopefully have the super charger to you guys by Tuesday.

Sounds good. 1/4 is usually the one but its a major pain if that one strips

What a pain in the ass… Order is in and supercharger is shipped! Thanks for the help.

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im going crazy, ordered an e8 box wrench from amz and there still isnt enough clearance to get it around the bolt. drive to harbor freight/autozone/oreilly’s/home depot/northern tool alliance and none of them carry an e8 box wrench!! this is bananas!

Take a 1/4 Box end, heat it a little and bend about an 1-1/2 down to a 30 - 40 degree angle , works excellent.

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Try 1/4" box, or the supercharger removal tool we sell on pwcmuscle. Others have also successfully ground down ranching wrenches to fit in the space. I agree, though. They are a pain