Exhaust help! Trying to make my ski loud

Trying to make my ski loud. What’s the best product out there? Would I have to get a water box? Just looking for some opinions.

What ski do you have? Loudest would be rear exit exhaust and waterbox.

I have a 2005 seadoo RXP supercharged 215

TDR waterbox, you have 2 choices . one is a litle bit louder and the other on is insane loud. Like a Kenworth truck with straight pipes from the headers

You have a website or the links to the both exhaust setups so I can take a look at them?

I have another question, I have a 2020 SVHO Yamaha supercharged, what’s the best option for exhaust and waterbox?

I do not know if pwc muscle offer the tdr waterbox but @JoeZ would be the man to hook you up if they do. Riva rear exhaust is the one you need with the waterbox pwc muscle deal Riva parts so do not think that will be a problem,
Here is the 2 different typs by the way https://www.atlanticjetsports.com/collections/sea-doo-waterboxes/products/tdr-silencer-waterbox-sea-doo-rxp-07-and-older-w-3-exit

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We don’t have them listed, but we can get them.

I do like the Riva offerings, but nothing wrong with TDR and they make a product tons of customers have been happy with.

But does these increase power or is it just sound/noice?

Really just sound, unless you already are making so much power that the waterbox is the restriction