Factory pipe for js 550 sx

factory pipe. i can not get the water holes to line up on the cast pieces. ski was completely rebuilt by my son. took it out and with in seconds ski was getting hot on top of the expansion champed. found no water coming out of the top hose to the front of the expansion chamber. tore exhaust down found that ports do not line up. any ideas?

oh top left hole in pick is water in. top right hole is water out. yea i rotated it many time to see if there was a different way they mount. i can get them to line up but then the three bolt holes dont.

Hi troy. There are lots of aftermarket parts on ebay out there sold by ppl that dont even know what they are. Ive been into 550s my whole life damn near lol and i see it all the time. On your profile u say u have a js550sx 89’. Well its either a “js” model or its a “sx” and I believe the 89’ is a “js”. They had significant hull differences and a few engine differences as well. So u may have the wrong part! I never delt with the factory pipe myself but a buddy of mine had one on his 89’ and i never seen it go on so im not sure how it lined up. Seems like they would have all been the same but id research if the model changed from the js to the sx. It probly did even tho they look the same.

thanks for the advise. i called factory pipe and they mentioned that the water ports are designed not to line up. theres two small holes that allow the water to flow from one side to the other. my issue was one hole was pluged.

Oh well that’s awesome!! Surprised they are still around lol. So is it all good now?