Fizzle ™ F1000 Sea-Doo Intercooler Kit


F1000 Intercooler Complete Kit $719: Typical gains over the OE 215 intercooler are approximately 2-3+ MPH in top speed, 300+ RPMs, and improved acceleration and throttle response. The Fizzle F1000 intercooler also provides a performance increase over the standard Fizzle Intercooler Kit by approximately 100-150+ RPM and will experience less heat fade. The removal of the exhaust resonator is necessary with the kit, but the stock exhaust outlet and the Off Powered Assisted Steering system can remain in use. This kit fits all Seadoo supercharged 4-tec skis 2003-2014, except the s3 hull skis.

  • This kit includes:
  • The intercooler,
  • stock intercooler block-off plug that is drilled and tapped with multiple boost ports to accept a boost gauge,
  • blow-off valve or rising rate fuel pressure regulator,
  • heavy duty mounting bracket,
  • and all of the necessary plumbing.

Buy it here: Fizzle ™ F1000 Sea-Doo Intercooler Kit


@jfizzlejr Getting product threads set up! Directly linked from product pages.



What about a kit for the 2013 wake pro that is a S3 hull


Easiest would be the Gen X model with the OEM bracket setup


I have to admit that was the best Mod I did on my 2006 Rxp 215 it sounds wicked especially with new X charger and 42 lb injectors . It screams


Do you think this will fit my 2013 wake pro I have a 260 intake manifold without restrictor that I can change


U do the intercooler ? I have a challenger 180 w the xcharger n 42lb injectors debating on the intercooler as the boat set up is different w bracket placement etc


Does anyone know what size water hoses run to and from intercooler to exhaust and from pump


I used 3/4 on my jet ski


Thanks again


I got the fizzle does it make a difference which is top or bottom? It’s not marked so basically looks identical if u flip upside down … I know the outlet goes to the bottom right and inlet upper left (hoses) but it doesn’t say in or out … does it matter or is it ok as long as the connectors are in that position when intercooler is mounted ?


look closely at instructions you want to install it the way picture is because you do not want to accidently attach lines on wrong brass fittings


James is on the seadoo forum he is owner of fizzle factory he is a member and Joe knows he would be the one to ask any question you have . And he does answer his E mails


Joe knows him get his E mail from joe


I know the in line goes upper left the out lower right but if u flip the cooler over it’s the same thing as I believe it’s symmetrical


Joe got the fizzle 1000 but it’s not marked top/bottom is it symmetrical? I know the position of the brass fittings but can’t tell which end is up …:thinking::man_facepalming:


This is what I have maybe this can help youScreenshot_20180408-075403


Either way can be up on the F1000. Been a while since I handled one, so asked James directly.