Fizzle ™ F1000 Sea-Doo Intercooler Kit


Thanks joe all in!




Hit 51mph but exhaust alarm started going off any ideas ?


Double check your hoses to make sure it is cooling properly and that one didn’t slip off. Good speed though


Do the water hoses have a filter ? Should I use new heater hose for the water in n out ? Maybe it’s all Gunked up inside


Think a low temp thermostat is needed ? Water in coolant overflow was real hot ! Is that hard to get to ? Replace thermostat


It is a little bit of a pain, but here are the instructions:


Yea looks like a pain :man_facepalming: Oh well we shall see


looks good nice Job


I keep getn p1544 code and alarm at open throttle any suggestions. ???


New thermostat in but code p1544 keeps coming up exhaust … any direction? So much for plug n play


I know you have a seadoo boat it’s still closed loop cooling if it is closed loop it should have that radiator on on bottom of boat . I’m sure you tried to flush it right? Because I do not see why it would over heat .


I tried to check code for you but wasn’t able to find it Joe knows


I bought an exhaust gas temp sensor and I’m going to take j pipe off n check the 3 holes for blockage seems to be the common problem on this thread elsewhere thanks tho


Blockage is the typical problem for these, but if it persists you’ll want to read your plugs and get a fuel pressure regulator to make sure you’re not going lean with the extra air.


So plug n play turned into another 1000$


your code says,exhaust temp too high or pipe preheat switch ( functional problem )


So it wasn’t the exhaust temp sensor ? I took jpipe off n changed the sensor in water box



that is nasty I am glad you figured it out