Fizzle ™ F1000 Sea-Doo Intercooler Kit


All the time and money you have in job might as well clean out the bilge real good


That boat should run real well with the mods you did on it .


Let’s hope so …:crossed_fingers:t2:Ran it on the hose but not in the river yet


Did u do a tune too ? Were u running lean ?


I have not tuned it yet can’t talk mama into spending 600 bucks . But I have installed a Riva fuel pressure regulator . Reason being I added a Riva power filter intake . I got rid of all intake restrictions . I did it just to be on safe side


When you installed your intercooler did you have a cover where you plugged where old factory intercooler was ? And if you did you will notice the plug will have 3 holes you can use one of those holes for your fuel pressure regulator if you get one


Yea I sealed it off gonna stage 2 tune it to adjust for 42lb injectors rather than the regulator


Now coolant temp sensor error after I just changed to the riva thermostat … I’m changing the sensor and hoping a tune w fix any computer issues


Running lean will cause it to run hot n set off the engine coolant temp sensor no?


Will a lean engine make it run hot n cause engine coolant sensor to go off ? Just put in new thermostat I got from u 159 degree


Certainly can. Didn’t understand the last part of what you said though… u 159 degrees? Make sure your coolant lines are clear and if you’re still going lean use the RRFPR to adjust


Got the low temp riva thermostat from u … hopefully a tune will adjust the full to air ratio


Oh gotcha sorry. If it is lean then extra cooling isn’t the best answer…gotta add more fuel.


Which a tune will tell the computer to give it more fuel no ?


Correct, a tune can do that. A Rrfpr can increase fuel pressure as boost goes up which will do it as well.