Fizzle intercooler


Hi guys have a questions to ask. Fizzle intercooler don’t support riva blow off valve? Can you tell me the difference between HKS BOV and TiAL BOV?
If I would like to buy fizzle intercooler, is useless buy riva blow off vale and then fizzle intercooler?
Witch system cooling kit you suggest to improve my cooling line?
Thank you so much


So the “riva” BOV setup is just the pipe from the intercooler to the supercharger with a bov flaHOA. The fizzle intercooler has a bov flange on it already…so yes, pointless to get both. Most go with the hks.

Go with the full riva cooling setup. It is worth it


Hi Joe, thanks likes ever. I think that will buy fizzle.


Any time! Be sure to use coupon code Extreme10 and let me know if you have any issues.


I find it unusual that people ask advice then when given the advice, do exactly the opposite of what was recommended lol.
What was the point of him asking.
It must get frustrating to take the time and effort to give the advice and then people not listen :slight_smile:
I get the same thing in my Profession, spend time and effort to research for people then you find they talked to a salesman at time of purchase and went with something totally different and not anything close to what they wanted advice on :slight_smile:


if I ask for advice, then put it into practice. I was just trying to figure out what to buy and what is best.