Fizzle ™ Y1000 Yamaha Intercooler Kit


This is our next generation intercooler for all Yamaha supercharged models. It is hands down our best performing intercooler for the Yamaha to date. Typical gains after installing this intercooler kit are approximately 2+ MPH in top speed, 200+ RPMs, and improved acceleration and throttle response.

This kit fits all supercharged Yamaha PWC from all years. It includes a HKS style blow off valve and the corresponding blow off valve flange adapter. Other components include custom piping and a solid bracket system. This high efficiency intercooler core virtually eliminates heat fade that is experienced with the stock intercooler and even many aftermarket intercoolers. Flushing the intercooler cooling circuit following each use is highly recommended for salt water riders as salt water corrosion is the most destructive factor in the operation of most water-cooled marine intercoolers.

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