Flywheel/ Double ring gear: speedster 200


ok Gents… appreciate the forum and what you do here! I need some help. i’m an engineer and capable technician, but a long ways from a 4tec expert.

-2008 sea doo speedster
-i bought used 1 owner/ 75hrs/
-spun left turbo after 1hr of run time
-removed turbo: touchdown, gear, and wheel dmg
-i bought new turbo from pwc muscle and it is in my hands today

-however looking in the turbo pilot… ring gear is damaged as well. thats where i need help (see attached pic).


  1. what purpose is the double ring gear? ie are the front teeth starter and rear the s.charger?
  2. how big of a job is a ring gear replacement?
  3. what parts do i need? pwc muscle have them?
  4. can the ring gear be replaced without pulling the motor?
  5. any special tools required to pull the gear/
  6. anybody ever do this in their garage?

thanks much? happy to send some beer to anybody that helps out :slight_smile: