Fzr sho 09 won't run

hi guys, i wanted to talk to you about a problem. maybe it’s my impression. on my fzr sho 09 I have these changes:

air filter, ribbon delete, waterbox riva, rear exhaust, breather filtee, solas 13 / 22R shortened to 13/19.

The bike loses a lot in reach, about 4/5 Mph. At short it seems to work well, but after 55 mph it goes up very slowly.

in some places, over short distances, it seems to be fine. But in length he dies. Then when the bike detaches from the water and picks it up, it can’t pick up speed.

Besides, it seems he doesn’t have that violent shot I was expecting.

my question is, do you think I was wrong to shorten the propeller? should I leave it with the original 13/22?

Can a shortened propeller go back to the original pitch it had? In addition, the bike rises quickly, but remains “firm”

my mechanic says that in order to optimize the work, you have to make an ECU, and see if the fuel pressure is right.

Can you help me?

I would say your Mechanic said you needed a tune to bring it all together, not make an ECU :).
My FX-SHO gets faster as I accelerate as the supercharger can produce more boost as you increase the RPM’s.
My standard 2008 SHO gets me to 65 in about 3 seconds, with similar mods to what you have.
All the mods I did were to increase breathing and exhaust as well as the cooling upgrade.
I haven’t done any actual performance mods as the standard Engine does all I need and unless you change the RPM limit with a tune it won’t go any faster as the Impeller spins to make speed, no faster spin no faster speed.
Put an impeller that needs more spin to reach the same speed and it will go slower at top.
If you want faster top speed you need to have the HP to be able to turn the impeller at the standard 7400 rpm.
The 13 is your take off or Hole Shot the 22/19 is your top speed, it’s similar to changing the Differential in a Car, the higher the ratio the higher the top speed, but you also need to change the HP at top revs to be able to reach top speed, just changing a Diff in a car with out improving the HP won’t get you a higher top speed as it won’t be able to rev to the red line as the power to weight ratio hasn’t changed.
To get faster on a Ski you need to increase Revs which increases Boost at the higher RPM as the SC wheel can spin faster, your mechanic should know what he is talking about and why we get our maintenance done by experts, who told you to change the impeller from standard ?
I was told a 14/21 was the best choice for a standard SHO, unless I changed the SC wheel and did a Tune.
If it doesn’t have reach then you may have a fuel blockage, are you getting to red line ? What is your top RPM ?

thank you for replying. no one told me to change impeller. I don’t understand why I was told to make an ECU. I’m sure it wouldn’t do any good. 13 19 moves a lot of water, but less water enters the pump. the feeling is this. Giving gas I don’t feel the traction behind. I thought I’d take it to 13/21.
Thanks for the precise explanation, you have been a precious help. I don’t think it has fuel pressure or boost problems. I never put my hand to those things there.