Gen 3 power cooler kit Rxt 215 2007

Rxt 215 07. Planning to ugrade my intercooler to an external one and the Riva powercooler kit is the only one in stock across the world at the moment. Do i realy need the rear exhaut kit or would i do with just a simple free flow exhaust and remove the resonator? Do not want to spend $ on things i do not need. I have also heard people who run this kit with opas working. Anyone got first hand experience with this? @JoeZ

So it’s been a while since working on an '07, but I believe the routing of the hoses required the rear exit. I know the resonator is where the intercooler gets mounted, but maybe just get the powercooler and see what it’ll require and order accordingly if you can get away with just the free flow. For what its worth, it’s not too difficult installing the full rear exit.