GP1800 Impeller Help


Hey guys I’m new to these forums and I’m trying to figure out a solution to my problem. Greenhulk did me no help lol.

So basically, last year I purchased a used 2017 GP1800 13/20 propeller for my 2018 GP1800. The prop had about 15 hours on it and got a great deal on it.

The only problem is, I cannot find the tool to tighten the prop. It is a WR014 part number I need, and all I can find now is the newer version - WR014A.

I even emailed Solas themselves and I haven’t gotten a response. I’ve messaged racers and people on forums to maybe buy theirs but I’m having no luck. Maybe someone can help on here?


Yeah I can help you out. I’ll send you the tool to use, but you’ll need to send it back. Typically it comes with the impeller. Also, do you need to tighten it or loosen? It should be self-tightening


Ok for sure! The guy I bought it from didn’t include the tool for whatever reason and he isn’t answering me at all.

I’m not installing it my buddy is. And he said all he needs is that tool idk if it’s to loosen or tighten. But if u have extra I’d just buy one if not I can send it back! I need one asap


Let me see if I have an extra laying around (I probably do), if not, you can borrow the one I know I do have.


Ok awesome! Message me for my info and stuff and send me your PayPal I’ll pay for upgraded shipping if that’s possible