Groove hydro turf


I am thinking of getting the groove hydro turf for my 2012 230 challenger SE. I have two questions. 1. will the grooves run parallel with the boat or perpendicular to the boat. I am hoping it is parallel. 2. are the grooves that deep that it will feel uncomfortable on the feet or one might trip due to the depth of the grooves.




The go the length of the boat. The grooves are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/2" wide, so there is zero chance of falling from one. In fact, they’ll help increase grip


Thanks Joe. do you have the grooved hydro turf? I am just worried that it will feel a bit odd on the barefeet that is all. Appreciate any other thoughts.



Yep, available right on All HydroTurf is custom made to order, so you can get it customized how ever you’d like.


I have the same boat and put the hydro turf on mine. It is really good stuff. You will not be disappointed.


Thanks For the response. Do you have the black and white hill with the beige ish interior? Just curious what pattern and colour you got



I have the blue and white. Got the blue/ black turf. I will try and send a pic.


That would be awesome. Thanks so much.



Looks great. Thanks for the pic. Looks like you have the diamond cut.


Yes it is the diamond cut.