Handlebars sheared off while riding spark


So title kinda sums it up but I was riding wide open in light chop standing position and next thing I know I’m doing a front flip down the front of my ski going 50mph. The throttle lever was jammed into the housing and the spark never slowed down the key didn’t pull till after it ran me over. Could have been a lot worse luckily another jet ski and a boat saw it happen and help. Have a gash down my leg from the sharp shard sticking up the left side of the sheared steering column and took few good hits when being run over by the spark.


Wow thats crazy! Glad you’re ok.


Seen it a number of times…even our shop Spark had them break. Like @blshof123 said, glad you are OK.

What year is your Spark?


2014 and after some homework I now know that the steering column was recalled for this exact issue. Called BRP to confirm the recalled part number and sure enough it matches. BRP also told me that a warranty claim was made on the spark in 2014 for sheared handlebars prior to the recall so they were replace with the same defective part. Here is the kicker I purchased the spark used last year from Sun Sports in Fort Myers an authorized dealer. My front facing and rear facing GoPros recorded the whole thing at 1080p 120fps even have some nice Hollywood style blood shooting out of my leg and running down the front in slow-mo


Happened to one of our Sparks as well. When you replace it go with the WORX steering system. Much stronger construction.


@JoeZ which worx steering system for my ski and any additional parts needed
2014 with ibr and vts


The 2014s had a bulletin to fix the steering system. We went Worx and never looked back. Here is what you’ll need:


Plus your favorite bars. These work well:


Ouch!!! Hope they addressed this issue. I have a turbo spark and would hate to take a digger like you did. Do you have the bad part # by chance?



The corrected part # is 277001957

To look at part number remove front fearing above storage compartments one bolt on underside then it slides off part # is on front of steering column