Help a newbie please!


I’m getting ready to buy my first PWC. If it is not too much trouble, could you experts what you recommend and what to stay away from totally? It would be much appreciated. Can’t wait!


It depends on what your price range is and what you are looking at new or used


If this is your 1st Pwc I would not buy a supercharged pwc as your 1st one go with a naturally aspirated one. Another option is you can look on craigslist and see about buying a used one with very little hours on it . You can get them cheeper . But take it for a test before you buy . If you are gonna buy a new one a spark would not be a bad choice . Because they are entry level and they do not cost as much . Then see if you like it and practice backing the trailer around with your car or truck very important . And if you like to ride Jet Skis sell spark and upgrade . To a seadoo , Yamaha , Or Kawasaki . They are all good . But if you get a supercharged one there is expensive maintenance issues .


I bought the 2018 spark trixx as my first pwc. Its super fun and quick off the line. The extended vts is well worth the fun! It will hit 50-51 stock if your lucky and super calm waters or around 46-47 with passenger or choppy water. Downfalls are it is fairly unstable with 2 people on a 2up. Using the IBR over 40mph with someone on the back give you a REALLY good chance of swimming lol. Comes with no dry storage and the available storage bin is not water tight. The little “glove compartment” is totally useless and barely fits gloves or a pair of goggles. Even 1 water bottle wont fit unless you drink half and crush the bottle.
Good luck!!


The Seadoo superchargers don’t require much maintenance for a long time on newer models.


My advice is don’t listen to advice :slight_smile:Most of the people on these forumns really know bugger all and mainly only a little about their own Ski.
There is no expensive maintenance with a Supercharger and this shows just how much some people know.
My first Ski was a cheap 2008 FX-SHO 215HP standard and had done 267 hours.
Supercharger does at least 800 hours before it’s serviced and then it is only a simple bearing kit, you can do yourself if you have a couple tools.
Oil changes are no different on Supercharged or normally aspirated.
I myself would get the best Ski you can get for your budget, charged or not, I would make sure Ski has up to date service sticker or only over by a few hours is ok as well.
Fresh water only use would be preferable but as long as they flushed after every time they got home from Sea water all good as well.
I definitely wouldn’t recommend a Spark unless you are a kid or it’s for your kids, they are way under powered and useless for anyone over 90kg and way to slow, you will never keep up to anyone with even an old GP1200.
You want something that two or more can sit on so you can use for fishing or just Island hoping with friends.
If you have a family then get a ski with 180hp+ as you will want to Ski, wakeboard and maybe even pull a Tube as that is what I do with my family.
I also go out fishing with my Adult son and it’s way better than a huge boat.
I wouldn’t get a Sea-Doo unless you have a lot of money to waste, Yamaha 4 stroke probably the most reliable as far as every mechanic that I spoke to and was why Surf lifesavers used them.
Yamaha guarantee a 4 stroke for 4000 hours as long as yamalube and Filter were used at regular intervals, try to get that from a Kawasaki or Sea-Doo :slight_smile:
Most important is to get a ski you feel comfortable on, sit on the ski and see where your feet sit and see if that would be comfortable for more than a few minutes :slight_smile:
Also a Spark is tiny so not stable and you will be in the water more often than sitting on the ski till you get more expertise so not a great idea for beginners, you want stability first especially if you plan on having a passenger.
A Spark is like getting a PeeWee motor bike rather than a Honda four or similar these days touring bike :slight_smile:
I bought my Yamaha FX-SHO for only $5600 a couple years ago now and hasn’t cost me a cent besides the normal Oil and filter changes.