Honda Jetski ECU Code 25 FIX


Hi all

Just wanted to let you guys know a little over a year now I’ve been working on trying to fix the famous Code 25 issue on the 2004 to 2007 Honda Jet ski’s.

So far I have a solid fix for the F12X model (Turbo) and currently working on a solution to fix the NON turbo ecu’s as apparently they have the same problem

If anybody has a NON turbo 2004 and up with the code 25 issue please let me know.

I am willing to program a couple of members for FREE to help out with the testing. The ecu’s are already junk and worth nothing so trying will not hurt.


  • Members must pay for shipping and return shipping. You can pay for both the same time when shipping it out and put the return label in the box.
  • Leadtime is about 3 days depending on my schedule.
  • Members will report back on this Thread with the results.
  • I will open a small quarter size section on the ECU to reflash and reseal with new potting material.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for an damages to engine or driver. This is purely for testing purposes. Use at your own risk.

Thanks again


I am interested in this option. I have a 2004 AquaTrax 2 seater non-turbo. The machine is currently flashing code 25.


Hey email me if your interested in getting this done



Hi, I have a 2005 F12 which started flashing code 12 a couple days ago. I am very interested in pursuing this option. Let me know how you would like to communicate details!



Hey Greg,

Let me know if you want to get this done. Thanks


Yes,nothing to lose! 812-760-3934.


Are you still looking non-turbos? I have an 04 with the code 25.


I’ve already solved the non Turbos with complete success! Starting to develop the fix for the 2002 to 2003


Hi, I’ve pulled my ECU and ready to send. Please let me know the shipping info. You can text me, you did previously but I drowned that phone and lost your number. Thanks!


hi i have same problem with honda f1 25. nead help nead new program im already split the ecu .


What year is the ski?




its non turbo model


Email me


I have a 2005 Honda non turbo Aquatrax. With the FI 25 code problem.
Have you been able to fix this problem? Will this delete all codes or just the 25 code? It only has 25 hours on it. I have two of these but only one is having this problem. I appreciate any help you can give me.


Hi Yes I can fix Code 25. I will disable it from showing up and ski will run normal with no issues. email me



Hello Gen-Tune,
I just sent an email about a ecm repair on a 2006 F12X Turbo
Thanks for any help, mike


Hey Mike I emailed back.

Thanks again!


Were you able to successfully get your ECU repaired sandersga1?