Honda Jetski ECU Code 25 FIX


We purchased 2 Jet skis. Both units have the turbo. can you fix this?
Thank you,
Phuong Chu


If Anybody is looking to get this done email me at

I’ve done over 250+ ecu’s with no issues. 100% fix rate and saved many thousands of dollars. Ive helped many member’s here who can vouch for my work



Hi Mate, I have been trying to email you but it keeps bouncing back. I have a Honda Aquatrax F-12 that is throwing the 25 code.

Cheers Jess



Did you remove the ‘at’ from the email and replace it with @?

But yes I can fix this ecu.

Please email me when you get a chance



Hi, yes I did.


Hey you typed the wrong email. It’s fireball2244.

Ecu will have to be shipped, repair takes about 2 days, customer pays for return shipping.