Honda Jetski ECU Code 25 FIX


We purchased 2 Jet skis. Both units have the turbo. can you fix this?
Thank you,
Phuong Chu


If Anybody is looking to get this done email me at

I’ve done over 250+ ecu’s with no issues. 100% fix rate and saved many thousands of dollars. Ive helped many member’s here who can vouch for my work



Hi Mate, I have been trying to email you but it keeps bouncing back. I have a Honda Aquatrax F-12 that is throwing the 25 code.

Cheers Jess



Did you remove the ‘at’ from the email and replace it with @?

But yes I can fix this ecu.

Please email me when you get a chance



Hi, yes I did.


Hey you typed the wrong email. It’s fireball2244.

Ecu will have to be shipped, repair takes about 2 days, customer pays for return shipping.



Hello, Is this still available? 2006 Honda Aquatrax R12

Thank you
Banshee Bob


Yes Banshee Bob service is active




Are you still able to fix these?



Are you still able to fix these?