Honda Jetski ECU Code 25 FIX

Can you fix Code 11 they’re supposed to be nothing available but I’ve been getting code 11s over the years and usually have to 806 the ecu

hello everyone, i’m new to the forum, otherwise i’m servicing cdi, ecu, ecm for outboard motors and motorcycles, i just successfully serviced one electronics 38770-HW3-673 with error code 25.
a lot of people have already debated it, but for anyone who wants to solve problem 25 on this electronics the only correct solution is to replace the knock sensor driver, referred to as the green box. all other variants with sensor off from the software are unacceptable. driver (green box) you can pull from another computer from 2002-2007 keihin maybe and from some honda bike like gsxr1000rr and think shee have a knock sensor.
otherwise the chip was never sold separately. but there is one quantity that was bought from the keihen factory when it stopped producing that generation. so I can personally own new sensors.
I’ll post a few pictures.
feel free to contact me

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First time on a form.I have a 2004 F1 with the same problem your talking about .

wanted to see if you could help .


I have a 2007 showing F1 code. My dealer said it Was the ECM. Did you resolve your F1 code and did it work properly afterwards?

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