How to install VTS on the Sea-Doo Spark


Hey guys, in preparation for our Spark build series, we install a VTS system on our Spark. All of our testing is done with the trim fully in the down position so we can get the most consistent results, so we needed this to move forward.

It’s a pretty easy modification, and I’d say first time through would take maybe 45 minutes…second or third time through more like 10 or 15.

Sea-Doo Spark Project Coming Soon!

you don’t have to install a motor for this to make it go up and down?


If you have IBR, all you need is this module as shown. The “up and down” is controlled by the IBR


We just installed this on our spark. Great video, made a world a difference too.


Wow, I had thoughts about how chunky these would be being installed. That video was on point. Thanks.

I just placed an order @JoeZ if I placed it today, eta to Baton Rouge, LA?


Sold the last one that we had in stock on Thursday, resupply should be Monday or Tuesday…delivery to you would be ~Thursday.


Oh, this thursday?


Yep you’ll have it before next weekend


Man, had me worried, nice. Thats fine. Thanks again. :beers:


I thought this was going to much harder. Found this on the Spark FB page. Thanks


After installing, finally got it on the water.

It took to planing much better than expected. The bottlenose effect is minimized.

Thanks again.


I installed the vts on my 2014 spark everything comes up on the display screen but my vts is not working any ideas guys?


Make sure all the connections have continuity. It is the same motor that operates reverse, so if that is working the vts should as well if the connections are good.