Hydrodrag World Finals & Speed Alley


If you want to see the fastest jetskis in the world, make sure to come to Wooten Park in Tavares, Florida this weekend for the Hydrodrag World Championship. These watercraft are capable of 0-100 MPH in the 1/8th mile and 115+ MPH in speed alley! Full press release with details below:

HYDRO-TURF HYDRODRAG WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Presented by RIVA Racing, Greenhulk.net, Lake County, City of Tavares

The 4th Annual Hydro-Turf HydroDrag World Championship will be held in Tavares, Florida, on November 4-6! “The fastest 4 seconds on water” is coming back to middle Florida for the 3rd year in a row and bringing the SPEED!!! This is the 4th year that the event will also feature ‘Closed Course/Grand Prix as well as the Hydro-Enduro-X and the Blowsion Freestyle Competition! Teams from all over the US and beyond will trek to Lake Dora to claim the right of the, “Fastest person on water”, the current World Record is held by Maikel Gonzalez, from CRT Racing, at 112.9mph, however, Lacey Powersports’ Chris Caputo and Game Overs’ Rayge Sanchez are in the mix at and it can change rapidly. Surf and Turf Promotions will sponsor the Unlimited HydroDrag Class with a $500 New Record Bounty BONUS! There is a pool party, racer raffle, vendors, and a whole lot of fun… IT IS ON NOVEMBER 5-6, come out and play with the BIG DOGS!
Parking is free, so bring the whole family, there will be limited seated on the bleachers, so make sure you bring your own chairs…and don’t forget the tanning butter! There will also be Eco Reco Scooter Racing after the HydroDrags on Saturday. Rick Ignacio, of 24/7Livestream.com will be providing the live stream and Dawn Dawson and Mike Young will be calling the action! The event is sponsored by Hydro-Turf, RIVA RACING, Greenhulk.net, Sea Doo, Lake County, Yamaha, Blowsion, FIZZLE Intercoolers, Jet Pilot, City of Tavares, Lake County, Ben’s Performance, Pro Rider Magazine, Team Mean, Action Kawasaki/Yamaha, Tiki West, Key West Resort, Lacey Powersports. Races are available for all skill and machine levels. Call all of your friends and bring the family out for this special free event in Lake County, FL!

Hydro-Turf HydroDrag World Championship/Florida Winter Nationals Presented by RIVA Racing, Greenhulk.net, Lake County, City of Tavares

November 5-6, 2016

Host Hotel:
Key West Resort Inn
199 W Ruby St
Tavares, FL 32778
(352) 508-5344
Racer Rate…$135-$145 / mention HydroDrag World Championships

Race Site:
Wooton Park
100 E. Ruby Street
Tavares, FL 32778.
Contact (352) 742-6267

HYDRODRAG RULEBOOK is located at… surfandturfpromotions.com

3:00 pm-5:00 pm Practice or Tuning on your own - Wooton Park
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Late Registration and Racer Check-In - Pool Deck (No Dogs)

8:00 am-9:00 am - On Site Registration - Race Site
9:00 am - HydroDrag Racers Meeting (NOBODY ON THE WATER) Pavilion
10:00 am - Launch Pad Practice (2 on each side per rider) Course/Launch Pad
10:15am - Closed Course/Grand Prix Riders meeting - Pavilion
11:00 am - Ski Open Grand Prix Moto #1 (BARR Qualifier) Closed Course
11:30 am - Sport Open Grand Prix Moto #1 (BARR Qualifier) Closed Course
12:00 pm - Blowsion Flatwater Freestyle Championship Course
1:00 pm - HydroDrag Racing to Finals (Stock, Spec, SuperStock) Course/Launch Pad
5:00 pm-7:00 pm - Pool Party (No Glass or Dogs) - Key West Resort
7:00 pm-Racer Appreciation Party/Tiki West - On-site

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH (No Sunday Registration)
9:00 am - Riders Meeting (NOBODY ON THE WATER UNTIL AFTER RIDERS MEETING!!!) Park Pavilion
9:30am - Speed Alley - Course
10:30am - Ski Open Grand Prix Moto #2 - Course
11:00 am - Sport Open Grand Prix Moto #2 - Course
12:00 pm-HydroDrag Finals (All UNL) Launch Pad
2:00 pm -Hydro-Endurance Runabout Open race (20 minutes plus 1 lap/Lemans Start) Course
4:00 pm Team Mean Awards Ceremony (For pics/Custom Awards/Cash will be mailed) Pavilion

• NO REFUNDS after the riders meeting on Saturday morning.
• We will try our best to maintain this schedule, so please be prompt, if you speak broken English, please have an interpreter.
• Racers please be staged and ready when your event is taking place, there will be no holds
• Any racer or their teams, sponsors, parents, etc… that curses Officials will be disqualified and asked to leave by Police immediately.
• There will be a 50% cash payback in the Unlimited Division and 25% in SuperStock HydroDrags and Speed Alley Classes.

For registration or more info… www.surfandturfpromotions.com /Mike Young (850) 376-5495, www.prowatercross.com www.RIVARacing.com, www.greenhulk.net, or our HydroDrag FB Page! Check out the LIVE STREAM on Facebook,
YouTube or www.ProWatercross.com if you can’t make it to the event!


I definitely recommend this for any one that would like to go. The venue is perfect for an event like this. There are multiple hotels and restaurants all within walking distance.

I just stayed at the Key west Resort last weekend for a separate event and for the money it’s a great place to stay.


A new official world speed record has now been set at 114.6 MPH! Uva Perez from Team U JET of Miami aboard his turbocharged Yamaha FZR. The best part is it was all motor, with no nitrous. 120 MPH is around the corner. Some flat water at next year’s events will make for some record shattering speeds.