Impeller damaged

Well my impeller got damaged along with the wear ring so i will be needing to replace both I have taken everything apart and now I need advice for the prop. What pitch should i go with. Ski has all the riva bolt ons next is the tune. What prop should I go with for all around performance. Thanks.

Hey Mike, you can get an impeller for a tune or for without a tune. If you get the one for a tune and you don’t have the tune installed, you’ll lose a little bit on the top end.

These are the ones for your 2016 FZS you have on your profile:
No Tune -
W/ Tune -

I would recommend the Stainless steel pump housing since you have it all apart any way as it lasts longer than a wear ring, also a little more expensive but overall it works out cheaper.
Unless of course you are a rider that likes to run in shallow water and suck up crap that can damage impeller and pump, then maybe by a screen to place over the intake from the pump :wink:
I wouldn’t advise using a prop as they won’t work in a pump housing same as an Impeller won’t work outside a pump housing :wink:
Impellers are like asking which Beer should i drink, we don’t know how you ride nor what it is that you use your Ski for.
Do you want more holeshot, higher top speed, do you pull Skiers or tubes, we can recommend one that we may use that you then complain it didn’t do what you wanted.
External mods really don’t do anything much, unless you do a tune to match, once you start changing Water Boxes , Intercoolers and SC boost and maybe Fuel Injectors and higher pressure fuel pumps, you then also need to get a tune to bring them all to work correctly.
If you are saying you have a standard Ski with no tune then get the Standard Impeller but in a Solas as they normally are better designed. They are also more expensive :).
I bought three impellers to get the one I prefered for my usage as I mainly pull Wakeboards and SKiers as well as a 5 person Tube so needed more holeshot and mid range as top speed meant nothing unless you have daredevils that like to go flat out Skiing or on a tube, putting them into a whip at 60+mph is very dangerous though :slight_smile:
Just remember a Jet Ski is a money sink as most Hobbies are until you get it to the point you are happy with as I have spent three thousand on mine so far just to get it nearly where I am happy with it :wink: