Impeller Selection Help


Need help selecting an impeller for your ski? Post in this thread to get assistance.

List your:

  1. Make/Model/Year
  2. Goals (top speed, acceleration)
  3. Current Mods
  4. At a high altitude?


2014 Sea Doo spark 3up
Looking for increased acceleration and top speed
Mods : 110 hp tune , Riva ribbon delete, Riva free flow exhaust , synthetic oil
Not at high altitude


Hey TX,
If you’ve upped the RPMs, I’d go SK-CD-12/14. It’ll accelerate hard for you, plus the higher RPM of that tune allow it to keep top speed. If the top speed is low on it, you’ll want to take out a MM or two. This is what most of our racers use then fine tune according to conditions. Just shoot me a PM and I can show you how to do it…not hard.


Hi I have RXP260 2013 and a mechanic installed solas 15/21 ( not much difference) another seadoo Mech said it’s too big and need 14/19A!!

Any help pls



What other mods do you have?


Now it’s been tuned , exhaust and air filter


What do you have as your redline?


1.- Sea Doo/RXT X 300/2106
2.- Stock damage. I just need to replace for a better one.
3.- No mods.
4.- Not a high altitude.


1.- Sea Doo/RXT X 300/2016


SX-CD-13/18 is perfect for you.


I have a 2014 rxp looking to purchase stage 1 kit what impeller would you recommend also has fizzle intercooler


In fl


Hi Candy, sorry this post got past me. I’d look at the 14/19.


2016 Yamaha FX SVHO
Top Speed a real 75 GPS
Riva Ribbon Delete, Riva Power Filter Kit, Riva engine breather kit. After the impeller change I would like to do the Map X Tuner for the 8300 RPM.
Under 1000’

Thanks Joe


Hi Kirk,
13/20 is the way to go. If you decide to add RPMs in the future, you can bend it down as well.



Thank you for the quick response and once again love the videos and all that you do to support the pwc community, you’re awesome!!!

One more question, then I promise to make a purchase and support you.

There is a YF-CD 13/20 SB listed for $279 with you
Now your reply to me sends me to a link that lists YV-CD 13/20 for $299.

What’s the difference? Plus the title say’s 1800 in the description. I know the GP1800’s are pretty much the same beast as the FX SVHO but want to make sure all is good before placing the order.

Thanks once again,



My pleasure!

YF is for the old two stroke Yamaha’s. YV is the current 1800s and it’ll fit all current SVHOs as they are the same driveline/pump.

We definitely should update the website on that impeller; thank you for pointing that out. I’ll get it changed tomorrow!


Order placed…thanks again!!!


2012 challenger 180SP
255HP stock motor (thinking about a free flow exhaust)
68’ above sea level
Looking for a little more cruise speed in lower RPM and top speed at WOT
Off the line performance seems reasonable.

2010 GTI 130 all stock (thinking about free flow exhaust)
Same area
Same wants, bit more speed in the mid range RPM thru WOT.



For the Challenger: