Impeller Selection Help



Have a 2017 Gp1800 with stage 1+ mods (IMUK, Power filter, Engine Breather upgrade, RIVA ride plate and Riva Intake).

Which impeller would be best the 13/18 or 13/20?



I don’t see you mention a tune. Without a tune, go 13/20. With a tune, go 13/18.


Have the stage 1 8600 tune along with the cold air kit, Riva ride plate and intake grate, and IMUK. shows the Solas 13/18 for $236.99. Can you price match that. I can send the page scan if that helps.


Sure can! We match the shipping as well, so it would be what you can actually check out for on their website. Go ahead and make the purchase on, and reply to the emailed receipt. We will issue a refund for the difference!


AT 5000’
Also wondering if this machine will accept your plastic Impeller Wear Ring and if so how hard is the oem one to remove?


You can, but the OEM one is metal and is about $500 to replace. If there isn’t a real reason to change it, I wouldn’t.

If you have trouble hitting max RPM with this impeller, take a couple MM off to increase RPM. If you had an intake or tune you’ll be in a better power range for it.


I have a 2003 seadoo gtx 185 with a catch can 4 inch kanaflex intake , free flow exhaust, opas block up, getting supercharger rebuilt and changing to aluminum pump, what impeller would be the best for me? Thanks


At any altitude or sea level?


Any altitude


Heh I really meant “are you at any altitude (ie; 5000ft)” vs “are you at Sea Level”.

This is the general impeller:

Take a couple MM off the trailer edge if at altitude.


I live in the Pacific Northwest and have an altitude of 1800ft. I know the stage 1 kit shows a 13/20. What is the major difference between a 12/20 and a 13/30? George


Just slightly different pitches. We’ve had good luck with the 12/20. The 13/20 is a little taller, but would still recommend the 12/20


Thank you and just placed an order from you for the 12/20 and I am also using your supercharger rebuild service. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you George


George, you’re certainly welcome! Thank you for the business


Hey joe,
2005 rxp
after watching your video upgradnig to 255 I did just that , ic, injectors, scx, flow thru exhaust, power filter intake,
Maptuner x, tune stage 2, worx intake grate, opas block, pro sponsons, rrfpr, blow offvalve, sswearing, now wich impeller do you recomend.
I am 250lbs, ride in colorado river in AZ elev 425


Hi James, well thank you, definitely appreciate you as a customer.

I don’t have my list of maps in front of me…what do you have your RPM limiter set to?


I believe its 8450 , I also am not infront of maps,
Really enjoy the forum and videos keep up the good work.


Also , I am on the fence I am going to purchase 2019 rxp or rxt but leaning towards gp1800r,
Any thoughts?
Thank you,


its 8350


Since you aren’t running real high RPMs, I’d recommend the 15/21. You’ll have the power to push it:

Start a new thread regarding this. They are all very different options but would be more than happy give you information to help you make your decision.