Impeller Selection Help

Hey joe,
2005 rxp
after watching your video upgradnig to 255 I did just that , ic, injectors, scx, flow thru exhaust, power filter intake,
Maptuner x, tune stage 2, worx intake grate, opas block, pro sponsons, rrfpr, blow offvalve, sswearing, now wich impeller do you recomend.
I am 250lbs, ride in colorado river in AZ elev 425

Hi James, well thank you, definitely appreciate you as a customer.

I don’t have my list of maps in front of me…what do you have your RPM limiter set to?

I believe its 8450 , I also am not infront of maps,
Really enjoy the forum and videos keep up the good work.

Also , I am on the fence I am going to purchase 2019 rxp or rxt but leaning towards gp1800r,
Any thoughts?
Thank you,

its 8350

Since you aren’t running real high RPMs, I’d recommend the 15/21. You’ll have the power to push it:

Start a new thread regarding this. They are all very different options but would be more than happy give you information to help you make your decision.

1.2018 spark trixx.
2.Acceleration and a little more top end.
3.No mods right now, but thinking of air i take, ribbon delete, intake grate and exhaust.
4.High elevation

Hello, i am looking for a new impeller. At the dealership they swapped to a high elevation impeller and i never got a description of what the difference was with the impeller.

Thank you for your help

12/17 with a few MM reduced should be right for you at higher elevation. Needs to be closer to a 12/15 or 12/16, so about 3 or 4mm taken off back side

Thank you very much. Really appreciate the help. I should have added i am in Denver around 5k. Thanks again.

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Can you tell me which impellar is best for me?
2004 Sea Doo gtx SC 185
Old one stripped out due to bad engine mount and engine alignment. Problems fixed. No other mods done to it. Is it necessary to buy a solas or will a used factory one give me the same results? I don’t want to spend too much unless I have to because the ski is getting older.Thanks

OEM is about $300, so you’re better off getting the Solas and getting a little more performance at the same time:

I’d recommend this one:

I ordered the impellar. Does it come with the nose cone and orings that fit over the driveshaft?

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2019 seadoo spark trixx 3up. Stock one got chewed up pretty bad. No mods but I’m looking to get the map tuner and running an e85 tune and what ever else that can get me some more top end without sacrificing much low end.

Elevation is 750

OK, so you can run the 12/17 and once you get the tune repitch to 12/15-ish. 750 isn’t high enough to impact too much.

I plan on getting everything at once. Been reading a lot since I posted up and leaning toward a ribbon delete, cold air intake, intake grate, and exhaust. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joe! Keep up the good work, your YouTube vids have been very helpful

I appreciate it! I’m assuming you also are getting that previously mentioned tune at the same time. If so, I’d go for the 12/14 then, and you can always repitch it up to a 12/15 if you need a little more top end. The mods you listed will have it screaming!

I have a 2018 Sea-Doo spark with ribbon delete, cold air Intake, rear exit exhaust, RIVA Intake grate, 115 hp tune. 850ft elevation. I only want top speed I don’t care if I lose acceleration. Thanks

12/17. You’ll want to pitch tune it to get the best RPMs and top speed.