Impeller Selection Help

  1. Sea-Doo / Challenger 180 SC IC / 2006
  2. Looking for a little better performance than stock
  3. No mods, open to slight modification
  4. In CT, so about sea level

I’ll need a new wear ring, impeller tool, and probably jet pump bearing grease?
Appreciate the help!


Seadoo rxp 260 2013
stock engine no mods
wich impeller is best??


Vee, for the bearing grease, for years now I’ve only used Mobile 1 synthetic gear oil. Works great.


Are you planning mods? That’s an awesome ski, and really responds well to an entire stage 1 package. I’d highly, highly recommend getting an intake and tune as well.

With a tune:


Hey Joe,
I have stock 09 rxpx 255 and have to replace impeller / ware ring.
What Solas impeller would you suggest? I’d like more speed if I can?
I’m not wanting to make any other upgrades at this point.
I do have a R/D intake grate, if it matters.
Not high altitude



Don’t forget the impeller removal tool


Thanks Joe… One more question, do you have thoughts on the twin props from Solas? Do they add any more performance? The Solas website says it does, but of course they are they trying to sell them too.
Also, what does the “a” and “r” stand for at the end of the part numbers?
Solas SRZ-TP-15/21A Sea Doo Dual Impeller 260/255 RXT-X RXP-X GTX-X ZR


So the twin hooks up better and will have better acceleration. However, it’s going to be harder to spin, and will certainly limit your top speed.

The R at the end of the impeller is Riva’s designation saying it is pitch adjusted by them.


Sounds good… So no difference between SRZ 15/21 or SRZ 15/21a?


Solas is listing all of the SRZs as “A”'s. I’m not sure the official reason for that designation.


I read on another blog that the “a” means it’s compatible with 2010 and after models and pre 2010 models.
Something to do with impeller saft maybe, needed to have more depth maybe?? Not sure. But, if it doesn’t have the “a” and your bike is 2010 or newer, it might not work.


Well that is the SRX vs SRZ. SRX fits 4tecs without IBR. SRZ is 4tecs with IBR


What is best impeller for my 2007 Seadoo GTX Limited 215 SCIC that has the following installed equipment.

Bosch 42 lb fuel injectors
Fizzle F1000 external intercooler
RIVA 215/255 Cold Air Intake/Power Filter Kit
RIVA Exhaust
MaptunerX stage 2 tune
RIVA Top-Loader Intake Grate
RIVA Oil Catch Can/Breather System
RIVA Pro-Series Sponsons

She runs at elevations of 1800 - 2100 ft and premium unleaded 93 octane fuel.

What impeller brand and pitch?

This one is a little hard to get exact, and because your setup is custom, you may have to do some pitch adjusting to get perfect.

More or less thinking out loud: So you are pretty much at a RXT255 level, plus intake, intercooler and tune. You basically lose 10% of current performance level for every 3,000 ft altitude (ie; 90% @ 3000, 81% @ 6000, 73% @ 9000, etc).

I’d say your best starting point is the 14/19 and you’ll pitch bend according to your target RPM range. This is a little less pitch (higher RPM), so you’ll likely want to adjust closer to 15/20. If you are keeping RPMs near the stock range, the 15/21 is a repitch from Riva that will be closer.



Hey Joe,

Have bought a few things for my 14 spark from you ribbon delete, free flow exhaust, wedges and have a MaptunerX ordered. I want to run an E85 tune. But I don’t care about top speed I want a trick ski. Would the 12/14 still be the best option or would there be a better option for more pop out of the hole. Also do you know of an E85 tune that would achieve what I am looking for.


We definitely have a great e85 tune available through our maptuner package you ordered. You pegged it right… 12/14 will give best bottom end.

Also, check these out. In preorder right now, but shouldn’t be but a couple weeks before they ship:


Just got the ski onto the water 2 weeks ago after the final mod (Maptuner X stage 2 - 8400rpm tune) and she does 70 mph at 8400rpm with stock impeller (13/18 I think?) at 10lbs of boost. With machine hitting 8400rpm very quickly she is very fast out of the hole on the stock impeller. I am a slight bit worried running her continuously at that High RPM to get 70 mph (All stock she was 62MPH at 1700 ft elevation around 79

00rpm). Would the SRX-CD-15/21R get me about 73 mph closer to the 8200rpm range?


Yes, that would be right…SRX-CD-15/21

You’ll need to dial it in yourself, but that impeller is perfect for starting. Just add a couple MM to the trailing edge until you find the speed/RPM range you are comfortable with. It’s a process, but not a difficult one.

Get a wear ring at the same time. Probably time to consider stainless steel.


I have a stock 2004 gtx supercharged. What is a good impeller for this.