Impeller Selection Help


I find impeller to increase acceleration.
Now i have skat trak. But i don’t remeber number.


Any modifications to the FZR?


I have only power filter (riva)



Thank you for the answer. Which is the difference to solas and skat trak impeller, do you know?


Two different manufacturers. We mostly stick with Solas, no particular reason other than they typically perform similarly and Solas is less expensive


Thank you joe. :v:


Hi Joe, have a question. If I have exhaust complete, waterbox riva, power filter and intake grate on my yamaha fzr 2009, you should always 13-22? Or other impeller? To have more acceleration by start. Thank you so much for your answer.


That 13/22 works great, and you can always repitch it for better acceleration by taking it down a couple MM on the trailing edge.


Is the impeller worth upgrading on a 2017 GTI 90, bought the maptuner also.


You will notice a difference for sure. I would recommend the 12/14 since you have the tune.


96 sea doo Gtx stock want better top end



I have a 2017 Seadoo rxt-300. 23 hours.
Mods are;
R/D 4" intake kit.
Riva speed control override module.
Riva waterbox
Riva catch can kit.
Riva sponsons.
Asking advice for an impeller for more top end, I get a steady 76mph from it now.
I’m at 360 ft altitude.
Thanks in advance.


If you notice your top end diminish, bend up 1-2mm. Should be fine though with those mods.


Stock 2007 Seadoo GTX.
100 hours
550 foot altitude
More top end over low accel
2nd choice - both low accel and top end
Current top 52mph

Thank you


52? Is that a gtx 155?


Sorry. Yes. Gtx 155 :smiley:

I’m replacing wear ring and nicked up stock impeller



Wear Ring:


Thank you, is there any after market wear ring to consider?